How much decorative aggregate do I need?

Decorative Aggregates in Jumbo Bags

At 1" thickness (25mm) one jumbo bag (800kg) will cover approximately 18 square metres. So for example a sqaure area 4.2m x 4.3m, or a path 1m wide and 18m long. 

If you put it down 2" thick (50mm) then of course it's only going to cover half the area, so about 9 square metres.

We recommend a minimum coverage of 1" or 25mm, but 2" or 50mm is often a bit much, so somewhere in between. And at 1.5" or 38mm, an 800kg jumbo bag will cover about 13.5 square metres. 

Decorative aggregates delivered 'loose'

Whereas a jumbo bag will only contain 800kg, if you have decorative aggregate delivered loose, you'll be getting a full metric 'tonne' each time.

As a guide:

1 tonne does approx. 22.5 square metres at 1" thick (25mm)

1 tonne does approx. 17 square metres at 1.5" thick (38mm)

1 tonne does approx. 11 square metres at 2" thick (50mm)

Decorative aggregates in 25kg bags

For our 25kg bags of decorative aggregate, at 1.5" thick one bag will do approx. 0.43 square metres, so you'll need a bit more than 2 bags per square metre. 

These recommended thicknesses of 25mm-50mm  apply to both pedestrian areas and also driveway areas. If you're laying a gravel driveway, see our How-To guide here


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