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Type 1 MOT Granite loose

Type 1 MOT Granite loose

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Type 1 MOT Granite  delivered loose. (Click here for jumbo bags instead) The premium hardcore for all manner of groundwork & construction projects. Granite screened to 0-40mm* ideal for use under patios, driveways, paths etc. Can also be used as a temporary footway or road. Ideal for finishing on top with slabs, block paving, tarmac, concrete etc. Type 1 MOT will normally come in blue or in a pink-type colour depending on which quarry it comes from. If you've had type 1 delivered before which is yellow in colour, this is not Type 1 Granite but is more likely to be Type 1 Limestone, which is an inferior product to Type 1 Granite. 

N.B. Loose delivery only available for 2 tonnes upwards, for lesser quantities please use our jumbo bag option

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*The size to which a quarried aggregate product is screened to is the size of 'sieve' the individual pieces can fit through. So all of the Type 1 MOT granite in your jumbo bag will have passed through a 40mm sieve. That said..... you will often find bits that are a lot bigger than 40mm, this is because they have passed through the sieve due to their size in one direction being less than 40mm, but in the other direction the dimension may be a lot more than 40mm...!

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